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All our products have a warranty of at least 2 years.

All prices include VAT

How to Buy

1. Purchase Methods. You can place your order through our on-line shop at www.digitaltoyshop.co.uk (or at www.digitaltoyshop.com) or by calling 020 3355 7908. We do not accept orders arriving differently from the methods specified above.

2. Order Confirmation.
After completing your order you will receive the confirmation along with the order number. If you experience a problem with your order we contact with you by email or telephone. Please check spam and junk mail controls from your email Inbox and verify that the contact details provided are correct.

If you have query, you can contact our Customer Service through any of the methods provided in the web www.digitaltoyshop.co.uk or www.digitaltoyshop.com. DigitalToyShop will provide FREE of charge Customer Service through our contact email customer@digitaltoyshop.com, If you choose alternative means of communication you will be responsible for the payment. DigitalToyShop provides phones in Spain subject to your mobile operator fees.

3. Order Status You will receive information about the status of your order by email up to the time of shipment. In case of a query you can contact us via email at customer@digitaltoyshop.com.

4. Availability of the Product(s). Although we will make every possible effort to supply the products listed in the order confirmation, there may be occasions on which we will not be able to provide such products due to the fact that such products are not available at the time of purchase. In such cases we will contact you to inform you and offer you a choice between the following options:

a) Choice of an alternative product which our Customer Service will offer you with characteristics similar to the product to be replaced.
b) Communication of the availability period, in the event that you prefer to wait for that product to become available again in our store.

If you refuse our suggestions we will cancel your order regarding the products we are not able to supply and we will refund any amount of money that you would have paid for such products. The refund of the amount of money will be the limit of our liability if we are unable to provide you with the products.

5. Right of Cancelling. DigitalToyShop reserves the right to cancel the shipping of a product that does not meet the quality requirements imposed on all products of www.digitaltoyshop.co.uk and www.digitaltoyshop.com. In case of detecting a product that does not meet these requirements, DigitalToyShop Customer Service team will suggest a replacement product or, if the replacement does not satisfy the client, we will the refund the cost of that product.

6. Orders 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The schedule of incoming orders is twenty-four (24) hours, three hundred and sixty-five (365) days a year, however we will not process orders placed after seventeen (12h00) hours, they will be processed the next working day. Orders received over the weekend will be processed early on the following Monday, or the first working day.

Forms of Payment

1. Currency. You must pay in the currency specified on the invoice. We only accept payments in Pounds.

2. Forms of Payment. The Forms of Payment available for invoicing in www.digitaltoyshop.co.uk and www.digitaltoyshop.com are shown below:

2.1 Payment by Credit Card
2.2 Payment by Bank Transfer/Deposit into Account
2.3 PayPal
2.4 Collection on Delivery

2.1 Payment by Credit Card. If you pay by credit card, you will have to provide your credit card details at the time of placing the order. We only accept secure payments with cards in which authentication of your identity as the card holder is carried out according to the method established by your bank, through Safe Electronic Commerce service ("Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode"). We will not take into account and will not process the order until your bank or saving bank fully authorizes the payment.

2.2 Payment by Bank Transfer/Deposit into Account If you pay by Transfer/Deposit into Account you will receive an email with the payment request. We will not reserve to send your order until we receive the payment in our bank account. It is important for you to indicate, in the transfer document, the details provided by DigitalToyShop. If we do not receive your payment for the full amount within 7 days from the date of the order, this will be cancelled.

2.3 PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay directly without communicating your financial details on the Internet. PayPal automatically encrypts sensitive data using the most advanced technologies available in the market.

2.4 Collect on Delivery Collect on delivery payments just covers urgent shipping method.

3 Fraud. If DigitalToyShop suspect any anomaly or fraud, we reserve the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons.


1. Shipment Address We will send your order to the shipping address included in your order request. The veracity of the information provided for the delivery is your sole responsibility.

2. Delivery Times. DigitalToyShop will provide all available means to deliver your order within the time limit stated in our website at the order confirmation issue date.

The delivery times of our products correspond to the ones established on the tab of each product. In the event of products not available at the time of purchase, our Customer Service can provide you with a delivery time and information about availability.

If you have ordered several products in the same order, please note that they may have different availability dates, in which case you may receive them on different dates, with DigitalToyShop assuming the shipping costs of the second delivery. Please note that due to the lack of availability of some Part Numbers at the time of shipping, you can cancel the order at any time before shipping by contacting our Customer Service via the following email: customer@digitaltoyshop.com stating the order number.

3. Shipment Confirmation. At the time of the order delivery by our carrier we will send a shipping confirmation to the email address provided in your order: We will include the corresponding tracking number in the shipping confirmation so you can track the order through the website of our carrier.

4. Responsibility for the Shipment. In DigitalToyShop we insure every shipment. In case of damage or deterioration during transport please contact to our Customer Service via email at customer@digitaltoyshop.com to proceed with the relevant claim.

5. Shipment Fees. In DigitalToyShop we offer you two different shipment fees through TNT and UPS:


Types of Shipment


Types of Shipment
Standard Delivery (TNT/UPS)
Secured shipping and with track number.
Up to 3 items:     £5,06
Over 3 items: FREE
3-5 working days from availability of item(s) in the basket and receipt of payment.
Urgent Delivery (TNT/UPS)
Secured shipping and with track number.
Single shipping method for Collect on Delivery payments
Up to 3 items: £6,76
Over 3 items: FREE
1-2 working days from availability of item(s) in the basket and receipt of payment.



1. Satisfaction Guarantee: You have 14 days to try the product; if you are not satisfied we will refund you the money. If you are not satisfied with any of the products in your order, you can request a refund and receive the repayment of the product(s) within a maximum of fourteen (14) working days following reception of the request. After this period, you can only request a refund or change of the product(s) due to technical reasons, subject to the warranty of that product(s).

2. Return of product within 14 days after the purchase:
Satisfaction Guarantee. In order to be able to apply the option of returning an order/product with which you are not satisfied please send an email to customer@digitaltoyshop.com with the order number concerned and including your contact details so we can provide you with a return number (RMA) and instructions on how you should return the order/product. You must return the products of your order with all items included in the shipping: user manual, accessories, cables, etc., no damage or wear marks of any kind and no indicating of an incorrect or different use from the nature of the use itself to the address provided. We recommend that you return the product in its original packaging, since if that is not possible, the product will undergo a decrease in value. The client will be responsible for the packaging and protection for shipping products as well as the costs of delivery.

Provided that the products are returned within 14 days of our Satisfaction Guarantee, without any damage or wear marks and in compliance with the requirements established in this section, with the RMA number you have provided, we will refund the total amount of the purchase. DigitalToyShop will not process any returned product which does not include the RMA number.

Remember that in any case, the product shall include:

- RMA Number (Provided by DigitalToyShop)
- Order Number

Relevant Information (optional):

- Reason for the return
- Suggested product for replacement
- Information you think is necessary or relevant to proceed with the return

3. Returning a Faulty Product. DigitalToyShop is responsible for any lack of conformity declared within a period of two years from delivery; consumer and user shall notify to DigitalToyShop any lack of conformity within a period of two months since they became aware of it. In case of the product being faulty as from origin, send an email to customer@digitaltoyshop.com containing the order number y and explaining the reason for the return. Our Customer Service will contact you via email or phone indicating how to proceed with the shipping of the faulty product and we will provide you a RMA number.

You must return the products of your order to the address provided with all items included in the shipping in perfect conditions: user manual, accessories, cables, etc., no damage or wear marks of any kind and no indicating of ayn incorrect or different use from the type of use concerned.
Once we receive the faulty product meeting these requirements and checking that the product(s) shows some original defect, we will contact with you to manage the repair, replacement, discount or termination of the agreement. In any of the above cases DigitalToyShop will be responsible for any related cost.

4. Returning a Product which does not have any Fault. When the product does not have any defects and its return has been motivated by ignorance or misuse, DigitalToyShop will contact you, informing you of the steps to be followed for the recovery of the product.

The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs incurred in the return of a product that is not damaged or faulty and DigitalToyShop will not proceed with the delivery until it has received payment of shipping costs in advance. Verification by DigitalToyShop that the results of the returned product present damage resulting from misuse or poor protection during shipping can involve the cancellation of guarantee or cause a decrease of product value.

5. an Error in the Order by DigitalToyShop. When the product, does not correspond to the order by error, you must notify us as soon as possible and DigitalToyShop shall bear the cost related to the collection of product sent in error and the delivery of the relevant order.

6. Checking of Returns. DigitalToyShop is responsible for the verification and checking of products subject to return, which, once in their facilities, shall verify that the products meet all the requirements established in section 2. Failure to meet these requirements may result in the cancellation of guarantee or cause a decrease of product value.

In the event that any of the items is missing, the product will be returned to your address with a note indicating the missing contents.

7. Guarantee Law. Where Guarantee Law establishes that the product must be sent to the manufacturer to manage such a guarantee, the DigitalToyShop team will let you how to proceed by email or phone call. In these cases DigitalToyShop is not responsible for the value judgments made by the manufacturer at the time of processing the warranty of this product.



1. Refund of Shipping Costs. If you are going to request the reimbursement of the shipping cost for the return, you must send the products by standard mail (ordinary letter). The carrier company or means contracted for the shipment Is solely responsibility for shipping. The customer will be responsible for any extra costs associated with the hiring of express delivery services.

2. Refund for Return. In case of return, repayments of the amounts paid shall be made through the means of payment used in the purchase.

DigitalToyShop will not refund the amount or make any forwarding of goods until the reception and conditions of packing and accessories of the product subject to refund or change in our warehouse have been verified.

3. Repayment Period. The refund shall be made within a period of 15 working days from the reception and verification of the shipment conditions. The maximum period established is one month. To proceed with the refund you must provide the following information:

- RMA Number
- Order Number
- 20 digits of your bank account

DigitalToyShop reserves the right to request additional information depending on the case.

4. Refusal of Refund Cases in which DigitalToyShop refuses the refund:
- Used or damaged products the use of which exceeds simply checking the condition and operation
- Products where some items are missing.

Order Tracking

DigitalToyShop Customer Service will keep you up to date of the order status by email until the time of shipment and will provide you the tracking number of the shipping company.
If you are a registered costumer you can check your order status at My Account. Otherwise, you can consult our Customer Service by sending an email to customer@digitaltoyshop.com



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