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All our products have a warranty of at least 2 years.

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Guarantee and After Sales Service


In accordance with the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, all products on sale in www.digitaltoyshop.co.uk (or in www.digitaltoyshop.com) are supplied with 2 year warranty, except in exceptional cases where the duration may vary.

Faulty Products

In the event of a faulty product, DigitalToyShop shall proceed, as appropriate, with the repair, replacement, discount on price or termination of the agreement, processes that will be free of cost for the user. DigitalToyShop is responsible for any lack of conformity declared within a period of two years from delivery; provided that the user shall notify DigitalToyShop about the lack of conformity within a period of two months as from the date on which the user has become aware of it.

Cases of Cancellation of Guarantee

The warranty does not apply in the following cases:

· Damage due to adaptations, adjustments or modifications made on a product without a written agreement with the manufacturer.
· Expenses related to the maintenance, repair or replacement or parts due to normal wear.
· Damage and deterioration of accessories.
· Damage due to improper use of the product, incorrect use, not respecting the instructions in relation to the use and maintenance or an improper installation.
· Damage caused by non-accredited persons or user.
· Damage caused by accidents, lightning, flood, fire or any other reason out of the scope of the manufacturer.
· Damage caused by a failure of the system in which the product can be incorporated.
· If the model or serial number of the product shows any modification.
· Use of the product outside family and private use, e.g. in intensive professional use.
· The product has been already repaired by non DigitalToyShop Repair Services.

Replacement of a product which cannot be repaired

In the event that the product is considered irreparable, it cannot be repaired or the repair cost is excessive in relation to its value, it will be replaced by another exactly equal product. Where this is not possible, we will provide you a product of identical or superior characteristics.

The replacement of your product shall terminate your contract of sale and warranty extensions if any, since when you purchase a new product this will have a new contract being a new purchase.




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