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Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10

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Portable Photo Studio
Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10Do you need to take photos of items in order to publish them online? Then this Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10 is the perfect tool for you. You have probably found out that it can get complicated when trying to get the perfect lightnig or background. Well this Photo Studio will resolve that for you. The Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10 comes with two high quality studio lights, four different backgrounds and a camera stand.

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Photo Studio for Optio T10 PHOTO_STUDIO £ 76.49  



Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10

Need to take photos of an object to publish somewhere? You probably have found out it's a bit tricky to get the right lighting and background.

With the Photo Studio for Pentax Optio T10, you will finally get the right light and the right background. You'll receive four different backgrounds: Blue, red, white and black. 


Product details:

  • Special woven, heat resistant, 100% translucent nylon fiber mesh diffuser: provides a uniform illumination and eliminates harsh shadows and reflective glares.
  • Folds up for convenient storage and travel. Lightweight and easy to set up table top design.
  • Polyester fabric backgrounds: provides realistic contrast with either dark or light objects. Create an infinite field of depth.
  • Angle-adjustable, 2 Studio quality, high output lamps with retractable legs.Camera stand.



Technical details:

  • Photo Studio: <3 lbs.
  • Lamp: <1 lbs.
Lamps          50 Watt
Photo Studio
  • 2 white nylon fiber plates
  • Blue. red, black and white fabric backgrounds.
  • 1 Black hard cover
  • Photo Studio: 16 in. (l) x 16 in. (w)  x16 in.(h)
  • Lamp: 9 in. (h)













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Reference Inc Tax 
Photo Studio for Optio T10 PHOTO_STUDIO £ 76.49  
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