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Neutral density filter ND8

Visico Neutral density filter ND8, Visico, Neutral density filter ND8

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ND8 Filter
Neutral density filter ND8The light is so bright that you can´t use a shutter speed as slow as you want? Reduce the amount of light using a neutral density filter.

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ND8 filter (No spec.mm) ND8 £ 21.24  


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Neutral Density filter are, in essence, just grey filters used to reduce the amount of light passing through the lens and hitting your camera’s sensor/film. So, in short, we use them in photography the same way you would wear sunglasses in real life! They are said to be Neutral because they do not affect the colors in the resulting pictures, they filter out all colors equally. ND filters have “gradings” depending on the amount of light they cut. A higher grading means that the filter will filter more light allowing you wider apertures or slowershutter speeds.
They come, AFAIK, in 2 types of notations:

  • 0.3 0.6 0.9 ND: The number here designates the density of the filter. Every 0.3 will make you lose one stop of light. So a 0.3ND will cut 1 stop of light 0.6 2 stops etc…
  • ND2 ND4 ND8: Another notation for the same logic. The notation here is based on binary numbers 2=21 i.e 1 stop of light. 4=22 i.e. 2 stop of light etc…

Well if you are a landscape photographer you DEFINITELY need to have an ND or 2 in your bag! ND filters are of the few filters which effect cannot be reproduced in the digital dark room using Adobe Photoshop or other. Building on the two scenarios we have just discussed ND filter can be very helpful in case you need:

  • A shallower Depth Of Field: Suppose you are shooting in broad daylight a portrait and you want a shallow DOF to isolate you subject. Depending on the camera you are using, you might quickly be limited by the maximum shutter speed you can set. A Neutral Density filter will allow you to reach bigger apertures for that same maximum shutter speed.     
  • A slower shutter speed: A typical example is if you are shooting waterfalls!We all like to capture that milky water effect but, to get it, you need somehow slow shutter speeds. Speeds that it is not possible to have on a sunny or even light overcast day. Here too ND filters are our friends eating up that extra light and allowing us to dial down to the speeds we want.


 Neutral density filter ND8

Credit by muddanudo

Neutral density filter ND8

Credit by RoadRunner

Neutral density filter ND8

Credit by Ciccioetneo


ND filters are useful for those 3 situations:

  • Reduce the intensity of light:

    There are times when the combination of the smallest aperture of our camera (eg f8.0) and shutter speed higher (eg, 1 / 2000) are not sufficient to achieve a properly exposed photography. In those cases, a ND filter allows you to limit the amount of light passing through the lens. It happened using a high ISO.
  • Use a slower shutter speed:       
    Reduce the intensity of light means that we can use a slower shutter speed or a larger diaphragm aperture. A slower shutter speed can produce a blurry image, in this case the photography will reproduce a greater sense of movement.
  •  Use a larger diaphragm aperture: 
    As ND filters reduce the amount of light, you can use it to increase the diaphragm aperture keeping the same shutter speed. So used ND filter to achieve less depth of field without bringing about an overexposed picture.

BE CAREFUL:  In order to take some of those pictures, your camera needs some predetermined features as a shutter timing or an aperture shutter. These functions are not included in all cameras.

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Reference Inc Tax 
ND8 filter (No spec.mm) ND8 £ 21.24  
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