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Eyelead tornado Blower Mini

Eyelead Eyelead tornado Blower Mini, Eyelead, Eyelead tornado Blower Mini

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Tornado Blower Mini
Eyelead tornado Blower MiniThe Eyelead tornado Blower Mini has a dust filter at the lower end which prevents dust from leaving the air blower while using it. Keep in mind that other air blowers do not have this filter and dust that might have entered the air blower will simply be blown back onto the surface you are trying to clean. With the Eyelead tornado Blower Mini, you will be able to effectively clean the lens, sensor, mirror, screen, etc, of your camera.

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Tornado Blower mini E70018 £ 10.19  

Eyelead tornado Blower Mini


The perfect tool to gently remove dust and dirt.

Eyelead tornado Blower Mini


Product details :

  • Capacity of 45ml
  • Extra internal filter system to prevent dust particles that possibly entered the air blower to be blown out again.
  • Larger mouthpiece for easy access to the special parts of the camera or the lens with difficult acces.
  • Easy to use and to clean.
  • Cleans dust, dirt and other particles that could harm the sensible lenses or sensors.



Eyelead tornado Blower Mini








The Eyelead Air blower mini has been designed with a special system that filters the dust, absorbing it from the most difficult corners of the modern DSLR cameras. 

Perfect for DSLR cameras, lenses and other photo accessories.

Eyelead has also designed an even larger mouthpiece with a double filter for the Eyelead Air blower Mini (additional accessory).

The filter prevents dust that might have entered the air blower to be blown out again.

The difference with a normal air blower is that when dust or dirt enters the air blower, these particles will be blown back onto the surface that you are trying to clean. The Eyelead Air blower prevents this from happening.

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Eyelead tornado Blower Mini

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Reference Inc Tax 
Tornado Blower mini E70018 £ 10.19  
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